About Us

Who We Are

Stears is an intelligence company aiming to define a new standard for access to quality information and data in Africa. By providing fluid access to data and insight, we are digitising the data market in Africa.

Born in the London School of Economics, Stears was founded by a team of Nigerian economists, lawyers and engineers dedicated to the impact of data, media and technology. Our team is supported by the management of Variant Advisory, a Nigerian financial consulting firm that provides a wide range of advisory services to corporate businesses in all major industrial sectors.

Our Why

Stears Intelligence was conceived due to the frustration with the lack of cost-effective and quality data, insights and analysis available for the African Market.

While there is a lot of excitement about the possibilities and potential within the growing African market, there is still a need to ensure that decisions are made with every available data point to instill confidence in stakeholders.

What We Do

We provide end-to-end data services to clients using advanced technologies in data collection, aggregation and analytics.

Our clients can either use our raw data or our intelligence platform to access government, economic and financial information and analysis, which includes tools, build models, visualise data and run predictive or correlative analytics.