Connecting the Dots

Building better data networks for Africa

Building an industry

Stears Intelligence is an end-to-end data service company deploying technologies that are geared towards data collection, aggregation and analytics in Africa.


We use a smart combination of data science tools, developments in machine learning intelligence and human fine-tuning to provide our customers with robust analytics.


We offer you the opportunity to use our data how, when and where you want. Work and create models with our analysis and learning platforms or access our data from your platform.


We provide analytics capabilities that turn data into actionable insights, harnessing the natural ability to spot patterns and reveal market opportunities.

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We are an intelligence company aiming to define a new standard for access to quality information in Africa.

We highly value our people and choose to empower our incredibly capable team. We like people who hold themselves to the highest standards.

If that sounds like you and you are interested in joining us, explore our current opening or submit an open application using our form.

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